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group We have set up a Website for AmiWest
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AmiWest blog web site

The AmiWest committee thanks all the vendors for making AmiWest possible and for making it free admission for attendees for Amiwest.

AmiWest 2016 was Sat. Oct. 8th Show & Banquet and Sunday Oct. 9th the Show continues for the 19thyear.

Wednesday setup, Thursday, Friday, (October 6, 7 was added to the AmiWest 2016 schedule to continue with Amiga programming.

Some links to the Amiwest 2016 show. First up is the talk given by Trevor Dickinson, Steve Solie, and Ken Lester. Topic - new AmigaOne hardware

Now up and running is "Hans de Ruiter at Amiwest 2016". He talks about graphics on Radeon boards for the AmigaOne. Go to:

Here's the live stream from Amiwest. Lot's of news from Trev https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vQoJWMGdYQ
AmiWest 2016 Day 2 live stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRA4SiYk7zk

Amiwest2016 DevCcn A prerequisite to attend DevCon is to have a grasp of the "C" programming language; so I'm learning "C" to be able to be in attendance. My tutorial of choice is located on line cprogramming.com .
Part one of the Friday Amiwest DevCon 2016 has posted. Go to:

Part 2 of the Friday session of the Amiwest DevCon 2016 has now been posted. In part 2 Hans de Ruiter visits to give in-depth information on graphics with Radeon cards in AmigaOnes. Go to https://youtu.be/3oNKvU3ZQEo

SDK 53.30.lha

For show location information see:


Holiday Inn Express & Suites
2224 Auburn Blvd
Sacramento, Ca 95821
Phone 916-923-1100

helpfull links for previous show years & Sacramento links