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Past meetings

February 2023 (Pics)
Topic Discussion
Amiga News
  • The Commodore Los Angeles Super Show (CLASS) is coming April 15/16
  • If you happen to be in New Jersey, VCF East is also April 15/16!
  • Club Business
  • AmiWest Planning has begun
  • VCF West is tentatively in August 2023. We have put in our interest to reserve a table or town in order to promote AmiWest and show some systems. The organizer has mentioned that the Computer History Museum may not be available as a venue. If he can't find a venue, there will be no VCF West this year! I have shared this with the club and we have had some responses to help locate a venue.
  • Retro Gamer Expo is Dec 16/17 2023. It's too late in the year to use this venue as an advertisement for AmiWest, but we are going to attend to try to raise interest in SACC. While this is a gamer expo with a focus on consoles, we hope to find some retro computer/Amiga enthusiasts in the crowd. We are going to get a table for free in exchange for bringing a playable system or two for their hands on area.
  • Jerry asked "What storage solutions do you use for your collection?" After some discussion, several members expressed an interest in ordering some boxes from ULINE which will hold our Amiga and C64 breadbin style machines. These will be plain boxes, but will be in the $5 - $8 range (+S&H) where the repro boxes go for over $50 + S&h and are in short supply with the creator stepping down from ordering and selling more units at this time.
  • Sharing Projects / Demos
  • Demo - The singing VIC20 - Barrie Clark. Barrie brought in his VIC 20 with an external SAM module for voice effects. He showed the old Scott Adams Adventure, Pirates Cove, with the voice reading the screen. The singing VIC 20 did not make an appearance as technical difficulties prevented that part of the demo. Maybe next time!
  • Demo - View a collection of wireframe animations on an Atari 800XL - David Coombs. David showed an amazing demo of some 3D work he's done for the PC and Atari 800. The programming done to pull this off is took a great deal of dedication and the result is fantastic. In my opinion, if Atari had Dave's 3D demo running when they were selling back in the 80's, they would have sold a lot more units!!

    Understanding WAM - This document explains the methodology and how the programs work to produce these amazing animations

    WAM Terms - This document has definitions

    WAM Development Diary - Detailed notes on the development process

    Video of all animations on Disk 1 (of 3) from the Demo

    Zip file of the disks for running in emulation
  • Games
  • An overview of the RP9 file format included with Amiga Forever - Jerry Gray. Jerry showed how to creat a new rp9 file for a game disk (adf) including screen shots, documentation, and machine configuration. He also showed how to add the RP9 to the Amiga Forever menu so your personal RP9s show up with the collection provided with the package.
  • Minky - A new platform game released in October 2022 for the Amiga - Jerry Gray. Jerry also played a few levels of minky and explained some of the game features and game play mechanics.
  • January 2023
    Topic Discussion
    Officer election Brian Deneen - reelected President
    Jerry Gray - reelected Vice President
    Brian Carpignano - reelected Treasurer
    Chris Nelson - Nominated and elected Secretary
    Minimig demo Jerry brought in a MiniMig v1.8 for everyone to play with.
    Archiving legacy club media We discussed the new AmigaZette and DOM pages on the website. To date we have had minimal response from members with material to archive. Brian has volunteered the materials from his collection to be archived. Chris is going to review and organize that project.
    IDE drives from Jerry/Bill C Jerry brouht in some IDE drives that Bill Clay donated to the club. One is a fully functional OS 3.9 drive. There were a couple of smaller windows drives that are cleared out and formatted for re-use. There were several bad drives. No one wanted to explore them further so they have now been e-wasted.
    Moving December meeting
    date to avoid marathon
    It's been pointed out that the December meeting traditionally lands on the same day as a big Marathon in town that severely disrupts traffic for several members. We decided to try moving the December meeting back to avoid this conflict.

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