Sacramento Amiga Computer Club (SACC)

Agenda Mat 23th, 2021-- Hybrid meeting On Site & Online @1:30

COVID Notice: We have reserved a room for our private meeting. All other health factors are at the individualís discretion.

Agenda: Offical meeting starts at 1:30.
- Welcome! Brian
- Abyss Update - Brian
- Just in case you didnít hear, OS 3.2 is out for our Classic Amigas. Some retailers have the digital download for specific machines. A release on CD for all machines is set to start shipping next month.
- UnAmiga Demo - Chris
- Projects - Share your projects, questons.
- Social hour - Networking. Hang out chat.

SACC - April 2021 Monthly Meeting

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
2224 Auburn Blvd
Sacramento, Ca 95821
Phone 916-923-1100
Jerry Gray

We will be using Jitsi for the on-line meeting, and the hotel will be available for those who wish to attend in person. The meeting online url is:

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