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Read Me Before Downloading!

Some software on this page, like SetPatch v.43.6b, is not freely distributable. When trying to download these files you will be provided with a link to the web page where the software may legally be download.

Also, unless noted otherwise software on this page assumes you are using OS 3.1 for its operation. The software may fail in various ways if used with less than OS 3.1. While these programs have been tested and are widely accepted as stable, the Sacramento Amiga Computer Club takes no responsibility for how they may react to any particular Amiga.

Amiga Essentials
Name Description Readme Archive
Read Jerry's install for igame, install for has versions for 68k, 020, 040
It also has a good write up for MUI installation.
Lhant Not an Amiga program. Works in windows DOS, supports long file names. It is not self-extracting, so you will need to unpack it. Unpack and copy "Lhant.exe" into your "c:\dos" directory. Lhant.readme Lhant.lha
Installer-43_3 Works on Workbench 2.x on up. This program is required to run installer scripts. Unpack and copy "Installer" into you "C:" directory. Installer-43_3.readme Installer-43_3.lha
Fix for OS3.1 pure bit Aminet has fix for 3.1 install not setting pure bit Fix_WB3.1.readme Fix_WB3.1.lha
Fix for SCSI IDE43_23 date time out Aminet has fix for IDE43_23 date Fix SCSI update.readme patchstrip.lha

Workbench Enhancements
Name Description Readme Archive
New Icons NewIcons is a completely new icon scheme. It allows you to overcome the limited number of colors that icons can display. Take a look at the New Icons for more info and screen shots about New Icons. NewIcons46.readme NewIcons46.lha
Magic Workbench MagicWB is a full replacement for the Graphic User Interface of the Workbench. You are allowed to evaluate it for 14 days and then you should register it. Take a look at the Magic Workbench webpage for screen shots and more information. MagicWB21p.readme MagicWB21p.lha
Tool Manager Requires MUI 3.7 or higher! ToolManager is a program which lets you start your tools in a very easy way. You can start programs by using keyboard shortcuts, by selecting an entry from the Workbench's Tools menu. Additionally you can attach a sound to each of these actions. This is a great program that makes your Amiga much easier to use. You may need to download additional files. ToolManagerBin.readme ToolManagerBin.lha
File Convert It can transfer PC and Mac files to the Amiga, and can even convert between the formats. Extended characters such as characters with accents are also reformatted to/from the Mac, and tabs can be reformatted.
Note that in order to use this program, you must have some way of reading/writing PC disks, eg. CrossDos or MessyDos., FileConv.htm, FileConv.htm
Messydos File System MSH-1.58.readme MSH-1.58.lha, An Amiga file system handler that handles MSDOS formatted diskettes. Version "1.58". You can use files on such disks in almost exactly the same way as you use files on native AmigaDOS disks. This is a fully functional, read/write version, that supports 8-10 (DD) or 16-21 (HD) sector disks of 80 tracks, and should also work on 40 track drives and hard disks with 12 or 16 bit VFAT of any dimension the FAT allows. That means: long filenames work now! Update to version "1.56". Includes source. Author: Olaf Seibert MSH-1.58.readme MSH-1.58.lha
AmigaOS 3.0 - 3.9 -Support AmigaOS 3.9 - Downloads
AmigaOS 3.9 beyond 3.9 bb2 Upgrading unofficial Boing Bag3,BB4 or Better Worbench

Name Description Readme Archive
Deluxe Galaga This is a popular Galaga clone. It's a deluxe version with lots and lots of extra features, secrets, sub-games and addictive game play. DeluxeGalaga_E.readme DeluxeGalaga_E.lha
Deluxe Galaga Deluxe Galaga PC version Deluxe Galaga PC web site DeluxeGalaga for the PC -Not Amiga
Deluxe Galaga AGA Version Same as the other Deluxe Galaga but has been enhanced for the A1200 and A4000. DeluxeGalaga_A.readme DeluxeGalaga_A.lha
WBsteroids An addictive Asteroids clone that runs on your Workbench. It may run a little slow on a stock Amiga. WBsteroids.readme WBsteroids.lha
Paccer - PacMan look alike PacMan is one of the most known and legendary computer games in the world. This a great port of this popular game. Paccer.readme Paccer.lha
HBMonopoly A great Monopoly game that can be run from your Workbench. HBMonopoly.readme HBMonopoly.lha
Soliton Requires MUI 3.6 or higher! Looking for a Solitaire game to play on your Amiga? Soliton is it. It can be run from your Workbench. Soliton200.readme Soliton200.lha
Crazy 8's Works on Workbench 2.x on up. A very addictive Crazy 8's game. Has great music and sound effects. Crazy8.readme Crazy8.lha

Internet Applications
Name Description Readme Archive
AWeb-II AWeb-II is a fast and powerful World Wide Web browser for the Amiga computer. It supports virtually all widely used HTML including Javascript. Was a comercial program & now open source project aweb3.5.09_68k_20070721.readme aweb3.5.09_68k_20070721.lha