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Logo The By-Laws
Table of Contents
I. Membership II. Dues III. General Membership Meetings
IV. Annual Business Meetings V. Elections VI. Library
VII. Board of Directors VIII. Special Interest Groups
The Sacramento Amiga Computer Club Constitution
I. Membership
  1. Each membership class will be entitled to one vote on any subject that the membership is authorized or required to vote upon.
  2. Membership will be based on a 12 month period for Regular and Family membership, or a 6 month period for military membership. Membership will be valid immediately upon payment of dues as established by the constitution, Paragraph A of Section
II. Dues
  1. Modification of annual dues will be made only by a two thirds (2/3) vote of all members present at the Annual Business Meeting.
  2. Any member whose dues are two months in arrears will be considered a non-member.
  3. The Board of Directors is authorized to waive the annual dues and/or initiation fee in individual cases.
  4. The Board of Directors is authorized to grant lifetime memberships for service to the Club exceeding normal expectations.
  5. Dues are non-refundable and non-transferable.
III. General Membership Meetings
  1. The Club will not allow the direct sale of products or services to members during meetings of the general membership without prior approval of the board.
  2. A uniform Agenda will be prescribed by the Board of Directors to govern all activities at the General Membership Meetings.
IV. Annual Business Meetings
  1. The Annual Business Meeting of the membership shall be held at the January General Membership Meeting. An agenda for the meeting shall be published prior to the meeting.
  2. If all items on the agenda are not completed within the time allocated for the meeting, the business may be carried on at a later time and date as set at the unfinished business meeting. No additional notice will be required for such carryover meetings.
  3. Petitions for additional business meetings may be presented to the Board of Directors, or to any individual Director or Officer, at any time. The Board of Directors shall meet for the purpose of considering the petition as soon as practical, and, if valid, will set a date as soon as practical for a business meeting, and will publish an appropriate and timely agenda as suggested by the petition.
V. Elections
  1. At the final meeting of the year a Nominating Committee will be formed to select a slate of candidates. The Directors whose terms have not expired will be members of the committee.
  2. There will be an election during the Annual Business Meeting in January. The Nominating Committee must publish its slate of candidates prior to the annual business meeting.
  3. Nominations for all offices, including the Directors to be elected, may be made from the floor at the annual business meeting.
VI. Library
  1. To aid the Librarian, the club makes the following statements of policy:
    1. The unauthorized copying of copyrighted material is prohibited. Pirated material, both program and documentation, shall be erased or destroyed, as appropriate wherever found.
    2. The Librarian will be found to serve at the pleasure of the Board and will be in charge of the Club Library. The Librarian will coordinate the activities of all assistant librarians and library special interest groups so as to avoid duplication of effort in documenting programs.
    3. The Librarian will set all policies pertaining to the library, with the approval of the Board of Directors, in regard to the copying of library programs.
    4. The Librarian, if not an Officer or Director of the Club, is encouraged to attend all meetings of the Board of Directors.
    5. The Librarian will assist members finding software.
    6. The Librarian will keep an account of all club owned library media and will turn them over to successor librarians as directed by the Board of Directors.
    7. The Board of Directors shall establish a mechanism to provide:
      1. A means of access to the library for all members; and
      2. A means of sustaining the library and promoting its growth.
VII Board of Directors
  1. The Board of Directors may meet in open or closed session as determined by the Board.
  2. Upon the resignation, recall, death, or incapacity of any Officer or Board Member, the President will appoint a replacement to serve out the unexpired term of the absent member, subject to the approval of the board. If the remaining Board Members constitute less than a quorum, the Club shall hold a special election to fill the vacant positions.
VIII Special Interest Groups
  1. A Coordinator of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) shall serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors.
  2. Special Interest Groups are one means by which a club can deal with the individual interests and questions of its members. However, the Club cannot police the activities of each of the SIGs. Therefore, the SACRAMENTO AMIGA COMPUTER CLUB will not be responsible for the conduct of its members in leading, organizing, or participating in SIGs. SIGs are private meetings of individuals. The SACRAMENTO AMIGA COMPUTER CLUB will advertise and assist SIGs so long as they support and conform to the policies of SACRAMENTO AMIGA COMPUTER CLUB, including the policy of discouraging software piracy.
  3. SIG Leaders shall ensure the conduct of its members and report the activities and attendance of their respective SIG to the SIG Coordinator, who shall report to the Board of Directors.

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